Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday!  Tonight we’re going to redecorate the porch a bit and go with Snake’s idea about cover tunes.   Bands and artists have been recycling/re doing/redecorating and covering old songs for ages.   Even some of the old Christian hymns were redone to different tunes, and Christian artists now often cover other’s work.  One example of that is the song Is He Worthy which was written by Andrew Peterson, and we’ve featured his version here, along with Shane & Shane’s version and also Chris Tomlin’s.

Rock bands and artists have been doing the same, and sometimes I’ve found I’ve loved the cover version more than the original, such as Disturbed’s version of Simon & Garfunkle’s Sound of Silence.  (Don’t get me started on Tim Hawkin’s version Sounds of Starbucks!) 😉

Anyway, this was a great idea Snake! Thank you 🙂

To start it off, Mean Green introduced me to music from the show they used to watch, Sons of Anarchy.  There’s a lot of good music from that!  But one of the actresses, Katie Segal sang a great cover of Dusty Springfield’s Son of a Preacher Man

One song I can’t decide if I love the original is I’d Rather Go Blind, either by Etta James or Beth Hart with Joe Bonamassa (another singer/ musician Mean Green introduced us to)  They are both excellent. I’ll post Beth’s and maybe someone can find the Etta version and post it below 🙂

Ooh, and that reminds me of another double shot of one of the best covers of all time, and again, which one??  Hendrix or Stevie Ray?!  I don’t Know!!

sigh, I love them both.

Slowing things way down, this song by Johnny Cash is an incredibly moving version of a band I won’t listen to, so I won’t even go look for their original version,

OK one more, then it’s y’alls turn!

Everyone knows Elvis, but who remembers the Fine Young Cannibals with their awesome rendition of Suspicious Mind?  I do!! And I love it!

I’m such a dork lol. But while Elvis was one of a kind, and a lot of his songs I do like, I always liked FYC’s version better.

OK, It’s Tuesday Night, the porch is ready,
Hit! It!

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