Today I’d like to feature artists who are featured in this year’s SoCal Harvest with Pastor Greg Laurie.  He always has great music, and even if folks haven’t or won’t be watching the messages from Friday, yesterday and tonight, I know folks love the artists featured.

We’ve featured each of today’s picks here in our Spotlights over the past year or two.  We’ll start off from Friday, when For King and Country played.  Joel and Luke Smallbone  are creative, put on amazing concerts, have incredible talent and harmony and a unique style, and while their music isn’t always scriptural based, it always has a powerful message.  For instance, their hit song God Only Knows is an incredible reminder for people suffering from depression or past abuses that they are not alone, even if they feel as though they are.

Their other song Priceless is a wonderful reminder for women, and girls that while we might see ourselves as nothing special, our Father, who happens also to our King, sees us as He’s created us- as a rose in bloom, every wrong made right.

One of my favorites by them though is Proof of Your Love, which does have scripture based lyrics.  I loved the song when I first heard it, but seeing the video the first time made me realize just how creative these brothers are in their craft…

Next up we have another favorite around the porch, Jeremy Camp who was the featured artist from last night’s event.  What can I say about this ‘kid’ who grew up as a Preacher’s kid, yet  his walk of struggle and heart break helped make the faith his own.  His faith speaks loud, not just in his words, but his personal life.  His music touches a lot of people because it’s real and comes from a real place that so many can identify with.

The Newsboys have undergone some major changes since they first formed in the original members’ native Queensland, Australia.  They’ve been featured music in Christian movies and have been a favorite under lead talents Pete Furler and Michael Tait.

One of the first Christian songs I ever heard which I loved,

These Boys though sure have a great way to share the Good News and a reason for the hope they have.

Chris Tomlin, whom Suffer wrote the spotlight feature for is another regular performer at the So Cal Harvest Crusades.  Is it any wonder, that he is one of the biggest names in the Christian music industry is an understatement.

Whether it’s his own lyrics or covers of other artists, Tomlin has an incredible gift and talent from God and has used it for decades in praising and worshiping the Lord.  I have so many favorites by him over the years, it’s hard to narrow them down here.  So let me just leave two..

and, the most wonderful thought for all believers,

I’m running out of room, but I can’t leave Phil Wickham out, especially since he is a friend of Pastor Gregg, a regular at the Harvest and other events.  About SoCal Harvest, he says, “”I would say that Harvest crusades with Greg Laurie are among the highlights, just because of the history I have of growing up here in Southern California and having come to so many of these long before I had any kind of music career. So I think these are always highlights of the year.“”

That’s an interesting article, folks ought to enjoy reading it. I never knew one of his favorite songs is Where the Streets Have No Name by U2 🙂

Anyway, Phil might be young, but as another tops in the Christian music industry, he’s a passionate ‘traveling’ worship leader who has one of the best voices in music.  Again, it’s hard to just pick one, so I’ll leave it with this one, because it was what he played last year during the invitation, and it’s just an amazing song with the Truth message.

I hope folks enjoy this Sunday, and have a beautiful and blessed day!

Don’t forget the last night of the Harvest event is tonight. We’ll put the live stream up when it starts.

Live streaming now,

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