Tuesday Tunes!

We all have memories in our lives of milestones and important things and our firsts. And as it is with memories we can usually remember what songs we loved at certain times or songs that were hits at those times. Whether good or bad Music is the way we remember things.

I remember when I finally got my first car, oh how I loved loud music lol. I’d sing as loud back then as I do now, especially this one…

A few of my favorite tapes that I had on hand at all times included Genesis (any of them!), Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (and when you have surround speakers, boy the voices come in from all directions lol. Kind of freaked me out the first time!) and Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation.. oh that was a great one!

As I was in my late 20s and early 30s I was listening to mostly rock ‘n’ roll or country music. One of the songs that I remember when Michael and I got together was this next song because Michael would sing it loud whenever I was walking around the yard or hanging out the laundry lol…

Wow, I haven’t heard that song in ages. Sure did bring a ton of memories swimming into my head just now.

OK, Another song that comes to mind is when I was carrying American boy because he was active even when I was carrying him. Kicking my ribs, kidney and just about every other internal organ, and it was always really cool when he’d be on one side of my belly, but when Michael put his hand on the other side, American boy would slide on over to get his daddy’s hand… It really was like he was doing the,

I used to sing that to him before he was born. When he was a baby, I’d sing all my favorites, but mostly make up silly versions to make him laugh.

One song that makes me think of the time of passing my citizenship test, then driving the 2 1/2 hour trip back up 3 days later to get sworn in as an American will always be one that Heather posts every RED Friday. I love it too, for our boys, but also for loving this country so incredibly much and finally being a real part…

OK I have one more… this one will always make me think of a Green one before he was called Mean… one of the first songs he posted for me.  Last week Snake posted the other one, so I’m going with Nickel Creek this time,

There are so many more songs that  I could list here, but I want to hear your own music milestones and memories.  Come’ on and lets get this porch hoppin!

Happy Tuesday all!

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