This week’s spotlight is shining on new songs by old favorites, and artists we’ve not really had a spotlight on yet.

We’re going to get right into it with this latest twist on For King and Country’s hit song, God Only Knows, featuring Dolly Parton.  I did a double take when I heard about this on the radio earlier this week.  It really brings to light the things that God only knows, yet is still willing, and has already saved us from…

This next one by Crowder has been around for about 5 months now, but I’ve not heard it played or seen it anywhere.  It’s his usual interesting style mix of blues, rock and Crowder lol. But it’s a cool song…

This song’s not new (almost a year old) , but the more I hear it, the more I like it, and look forward to hearing more by Apollo LTD

I heard this next song on the radio a few days ago and really liked it.  It’s about 4 months since Riley Clemmons released it,

When the going gets tough
And my strength’s not enough
I see You showing up like never before
This battle for my heart
You took on from the start
You are the peace when my mind’s at war…

Well, one more, and even though I’ve posted it more than a few times since Matthew West’s latest came out a month ago, it still gets to me in a powerful way. Like the first video by for King and Country reminds, Matthew always reminds us how God is the One who stays, no matter how much we mess up.

That’s it for this week, I hope folks find some of their favorites to share, whether they’re old, hymns, new or artists we’ve never featured.

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday all!

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