Saturday on the Porch

It’s been a crazy week for folks again, and while Saturdays usually come with a lot of chores for some, it’s sure good to have this porch to hang out for a little while. Whether one just feels like being quiet, enjoying the view from the porch swing, or feels like sharing a story, song or just good conversations, this place is just right for all of it.

Today’s an open porch as usual.  While I was late peeking in last night and saw that the Bam Compound made it through the storm, I’m hoping there won’t be too much clean up going on where Snake and Mama Green can’t spend a little time here.  Mama, if you’re seeing this, first, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that (Don’t know what else to call you, but I know your boys love you so you feel like Mama Green to me) but I pray everything is ok at your place too.

I hope everyone has a beautiful day no matter what you’ve got planned for it, but  I hope more that folks will find themselves hanging out here throughout the day in between chores, errands or relaxing time. 🙂

Happy Saturday all!

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