Today’s spotlight shines on a couple of newer songs, some by a favorite featured band, Big Daddy Weave, and a few by a newer artist I’ve heard for a few months but didn’t know much about until I heard an interview with him on the radio the other evening driving home from work.

Big Daddy Weave has a new album coming out, and have released a couple of new songs the past couple of weeks.  Again, I found out about these through an interview on the radio station I listen to in the car.

The first song they played is an amazing song so don’t let the lyrics that show on the video screen keep you from listening.  Yes, it’s a reminder of pain we all go through at some points in our lives, especially losing people we care about and love.  In fact Mike Weaver wrote this at such a time when their father died, and their mom was diagnosed with cancer a year later.  As with so many songs that deal with reality, some people would think depressing, it’s really not- it touches a place that you can smile through the tears and remember just Who our God is, and that while He might not stop the pain, He is always there….  I’ve listened to this one about 20 times since Friday. It’s that good.

I really like this next song too, from the same soon to be released album, When the Light Comes.  This one Turn on the Light would have been a perfect one for the article a couple of weeks ago about Dim Bulbs.  Get ready to tap your feet with this one…

OK one more from the same album, This is What We Live For!

Next up, we’ve got a little bit of an interview really worth listening to, by an artist I really enjoy. The first time I heard his song, Prize Worth Fighting For, I thought it was a new one by Tauren Wells.  I really like the song, and love the lyrics.  But this interview is really good, and different. We’re used to playing a lot of Christian music from artists who grew up in the faith, or in the church, and while Jamie Kimmet’s family attended church once or twice a year, Christianity was the furthest thing from his mind…  But like usual, God had other plans…  (not giving it away, but pay close attention to the story of the bible study he talks about in the middle of the interview… it’s incredible how God answers prayers)

(And, I don’t think it’s just because I found out I have Scottish roots, but man, I love his accent! 😀 )

This is the song that was featured in the interview I heard on the radio, and it’s another beautiful and amazing song that just seems to hit me wherever I am.  And, it’s another one that I’ve listened to about 20 times since Friday evening…

This one is from about 4 years ago and I love the way he covers these two songs,

There’s not a whole lot of music by him on You Tube, but I’ll let folks go find them and any other song you feel like sharing today.  I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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