Tuesday Tunes!

Well, sometimes at work I listen to unconventional, or different kinds of music that I normally wouldn’t, due to my boss David’s even more diverse music tastes than I have.

Trying to think of a Tuesday night Tunes thread isn’t always easy, and it wasn’t this time either lol. But one artist David likes to listen to is John Denver.  I know!  So, I have to say every time I hear Country Roads at work, I think of Daisy and Bruce lol.  But I’ve always liked some of his music, even when its been covered by someone else or when he sings it with (Mama) Cass Elliot,

My Mom had a few different songs on records by Mama Cass, so I grew up loving her voice. This song, I have no idea if it was a radio hit or not, because I’ve never heard it on an oldies station, but it was a hit with me when I was little…

I’m not sure if this is a night for folk type music or just a trip back to my early childhood of playing records down in the basement and pretending I was anyone else but me…

Some songs back then, when we hear them now, they seem so dorky, and simple  fluff, but in a way they still held a lot of innocence that’s missing these days.  I guess my theme for tonight is slowing it down, both in tempo (contrast to last week’s loud) and in life, to stop and smell the roses again which I haven’t had much of a chance to do for a while.  I guess I need to plant some so I can smell ’em 😉

Anyway, just because I’m in a strange mood doesn’t mean y’all have to be.

Walk right in, set right down and find a song you’ve loved since childhood and share it. I hope folks have fun and I’m looking forward to music!

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