We Will Never Forget 9/11!

Forget? NO CHANCE.

“Lawmakers Propose 9/11 Memorial Highway Outside Kewaskum Highway Would Lead To 9/11 Memorial Featuring Beam From North Tower By Laurel White;
Published: Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 11:05am
Part of a state highway outside of Kewaskum would be designated as a 9/11 memorial under a new proposal from GOP state lawmakers … Lawmakers and families of Wisconsin residents killed during and in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, met Wednesday at the state Capitol to unveil the proposal and mark 18 years since the tragedy.”

Take a few minutes to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks by reading a few of their stories at that link: survivors and families of victims and volunteers who rushed to the scene instead of seeking safety. It’s enough to break your heart all over again. And these are only a few. America was changed forever on 9/11.

sjmom was right in saying that 9/11 is “this generation’s Day of Infamy”.

A webcam, two views, of the national 9/11 Memorial. At the moment I write this, the West View is crystal clear. Scroll to zoom, click and drag to scan.

I have to admit that I would rather have as a 9/11 Memorial a still-glowing pile of radioactive glass that used to be sand in the nation where the originators of the attacks used to live.

Forget? NEVER!

“Family members, survivors, first responders and elected officials gathered at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum on Wednesday to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks … As in years past, the names of 2,983 the men, women and children who were killed in the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pa., and as a result of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were read aloud by family members who often concluded their readings with a fond remembrance of a parent, sibling or child who was taken too soon.”
9/11 Memorial & Museum

“As my dad and the other bystanders watched the towers burn, to their horror, they began to notice ‘large objects’ falling from the buildings. There were people leaping from the towers, falling to their deaths, to escape the incinerating heat of the flames. You can find videos on YouTube, if you have the stomach for it … ‘I saw two people hold hands and jump together. That made me sick,’ my dad remembered … As the crowd watched in horror, my father remembers, they moaned each time another person jumped. Each time, someone screamed. USA Today estimated that at least 200 people jumped that day … Providentially, perhaps, my father’s carpenter crew had dust masks with them, necessary for breathing through sawdust and chemical fumes on the job. They gave those masks to the people with babies and young children.” CR

Carpenters on site giving their masks to babies and children. A spontaneous rush of … what can I call them? … honor-driven instant heroes running toward the terrible danger in the desperate hope of saving lives, ordinary people becoming instant leaders and guiding, pulling, shoving, forcing, their co-workers and others out of the Twin Towers as fast as they could. Human beings who faced reality and transcended their own personal lives, bringing down their own aircraft at the cost of their own lives rather than allowing evil another triumph. Mission-minded. Driven. Fighting for survival. Fighting to save others. The human spirit shining its brightest, defiant to death.

How Five Lives Became One Horror When Terror Struck the Twin Towers

This is one of the times when those who have eyes to see can most clearly see the image of God in human bodies. “That others may live.” “Greater love has no man than this, that he give up his life for his friends.” Americans of every possible race, religion, age, position, men and women, came together and made this nation’s Founders and their own families proud. A powerful, bitter pride that will never be lost completely. American pride. Love of country. Patriotism at its very finest. In this deadly horror, those who tried to destroy gave us instead a fresh reminder of what it means to be a patriot. To be an American. In the dust and smoke that signaled the death of three thousand souls, we see what our military and our God have protected us from.

The evil unleashed that day shows us by contrast what America is not. What a great nation America has been, to an extent still is, and can be again.

We are proud to be Americans because our nation would NEVER have done such an evil thing. We are proud of our fellow Americans who charged into hell to save the lives of strangers. Proud of our warriors who, even after the evil of 9/11, even in the land of those who inspired this evil and many more, have held to the highest standard of military conduct in war, refusing to become evil. Making us proud of them. Being an example to the entire world. And bringing swift and certain justice whenever our leaders would get out of the way and allow it.

God bless you, American heroes of 9/11, living and dead, civilians, firefighters, cops, and warriors on the battlefield. You have made us proud of you. May we in our turn make you and the Founders proud of us, if our turn comes to hold the honor of America high.

Abba, Lord God, we lift up to You those wounded souls who lost loved ones and friends on 9/11 and pray for healing and peace for them. We lift up to You our warriors as they continue, eighteen years later, to fight the same evil on foreign battlefields, and ask for Your protection for them. We lift up to You those who died on 9/11 and ask that they know they are remembered. And we pray for the end of this futility and the Restoration You promised in Your Word. In Jesus’ holy name, amen.

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