Saturday Stuff

I know Saturdays are generally a good time for open threads and fluff stuff, because folks either have too many chores going on to spend much time watching lengthy videos, or they’re not in the mood for preachin’ or serious stuff.  I can totally understand that, which is why we don’t usually post stuff on Saturdays to make folks think.  We want a day off and to enjoy it.

That said, I’m not posting anything today that’s too serious, or long, although what’s not long to me, might be to others lol.  But I did have a couple of videos worth sharing if folks are interested.  One we’ve posted here before, but I thought it would be good to watch it again- especially since lawngren brought up the church of Ephesus on Thursday in his excellent article on Remembering the Lord.  And it’s only 28 minutes long 😀

Note, notice that Ephesus is a city of ruins now. Seems like Jesus’s warning wasn’t heeded.

This next one is by a guy I have never heard before until this, and I’ve watched/listened twice now. I really like it.  He seems to kind of go all over the place with his message, and yet it all ties together well.  There are a number of great points he makes out of Paul’s message, especially concerning Paul’s comments about his glimpse of heaven.

As much as people have tried to describe it, as I’ve tried to describe it, there’s no way we can describe it.  Anyway, this really is a good message worth listening to, but it does require some heavy listening at times and trying other times to follow the bouncing ball 🙂

OK it is an open porch today, so if you have any news, stories, songs to share, bring them on, or just come hang out every now and then between whatever y’all have going on today. I hope all have a beautiful Saturday!

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