Saturday Porch Time

Well I think it’s finally here.  Feeling the change for the past two days- no, not me, the weather!  It’s been beautiful, less humid, a definite crispness in the mornings when I go out to the car, breezy later and just all around perfect.  If any weather was perfect, it’s fall in south Florida.  Temperatures in the mid 80’s and night time is dipping into the low 70’s for the next week…. YAY!!!

If I owned a business, the past two days would have featured a sign, “Gone Fishin’!” because other than the stiff breezes, it’s been perfect for that too. But I haven’t had a fishin’ licence for the past 6 years.  One of these days I might find the time to get one and test the poles we’ve hung onto.

Another thing that I’m really looking forward to if I can find the time, is getting a portion of the backyard ready for a veggie garden. Finally! I’ve missed having dirt under my fingernails something fierce.  But missed having fresh veggies growing out side the door even more. Yeah, I’ll probably have to portion it out and put deer fence all around, but I can’t wait until I see the rows ready for seeds.  I ought to wait until the typical planting season, which for us is usually late February into early April (due to frost), but I remember a couple of years Michael and I had gardens full of beans and carrots around October/November.   I know patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait, but I figure I’ve been waiting patient for the past 4 years. I’m itchin’ to pull weeds and get it cleared lol. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll find bits of time to work on it.

But that’s enough of that.  Happy Saturday all!  What’s on your agendas for today?  Mine’s typical chores, grocery shopping and hopefully hanging out on the porch every now and then to see who’s here.

Whatever y’all are up to, I hope you’ll find time to come hang out too. Share some stories, share music, or just relax and see where conversations go… it’s an open porch.

A little music first Maestro,

Or if you’re in the mood for something else,  I might be American, but I never could get into football much… but love this song,

Or how about,

Wherever you are, I hope it’s a beautiful morning and blessed day!

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