The Key to the Abyss

I want to discuss two dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that are absolutely horrifying. The first danger is that super-intelligent machines would become a threat to our existence.

The second danger is that the technology being developed to create artificial intelligence could actually break the barrier that protects earth from invasion by demons. I am not kidding. I am fully aware of what I am saying, and I am deadly serious. And I am confirmed in my opinion by the fact that even non-Christian scientists sometimes use Christian language in discussing this topic. They laugh it off, try to make a joke of it, but the Biblical parallels surface every now and then. I think their subconscious, or maybe the Holy Spirit, is trying to warn them.

The first danger is described by neuroscientist and five times NYT bestselling author Sam Harris in a TED Talk titled, Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over it?

“If you believe the first danger is real, you owe it to yourself to listen to that entire 14:24 talk. If you don’t believe it’s real, you will really enjoy that talk as a piece of science fiction that’s just real enough to be enjoyably scary.

The first danger contains the second, but Sam Harris doesn’t talk about it because he does not believe in its existence. I do.

Mr. Harris says it’s difficult to see how the first danger could not destroy us. I agree, and I also consider it a given that the second danger will become reality, and will devastate the earth beyond all other disasters in earth’s history.

Sam Harris has a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. He is the author of five NYT bestsellers, including “The End of Faith”. He has been published in 20 languages. Further credentials here.

Quotes from “AI Will Destroy Us”:
I’m going to describe a scenario that is both terrifying and likely to occur … I’m going to describe how the gains we make in artificial intelligence could ultimately destroy us … At   a certain point, we will build machines that are smarter than we are, and once we have machines that are smarter than we are, they will begin to improve themselves … the process could get away from us … The concern is … that we will build machines that are so much more competent than we are that the slightest divergence between our goals and their own could [cause them to] destroy us. Just think about how we relate to ants. We don’t hate them … [but] whenever their presence conflicts with one of our goals, we annihilate them without a qualm. The concern is that we will one day build machines that … could treat us with similar disregard … electronic circuits function about a million times faster that biochemical ones … How could we even understand, much less constrain, a mind making this sort of progress? … And what would the Russians or the Chinese do if they heard that some company in Silicon Valley was about to deploy a superintelligent AI? This machine would be capable of waging war, terrestrial or cyber, with unprecedented power.*** This is a winner-take-all scenario. To be six months ahead of the competition here is to be 500,000 years ahead … So it seems that even mere rumors of this kind of breakthrough could cause our species to go berserk … I think we need something like a Manhattan Project on the topic of artificial intelligence … we are in the process of building some sort of god. Now would be a good time to make sure it’s a god we can live with.”

***Google and NASA, according to another involved scientist, were a major factor in getting the first quantum computers built. They share one. Check this article, 3rd paragraph, to verify that Lockheed Martin and Los Alamos National Laboratory also own quantam computers.

Lockheed Martin and Los Alamos National Laboratory are warmakers. Do we maybe now understand why China is getting aggressive across the board? Has Chinese leadership assessed the threat and are they taking steps to end it? What means will they choose to end the threat? How soon will they feel it necessary to act?

All computer operating systems, all computer software, are based on a chip in which particles we call bits exist in one of two physical states which we identify as “one” and “zero”, which are used to create all computer operating systems and software. We switch their physical states between “one” and “zero” to make a microscopic, very fast “Morse code” which we use to control many kinds of devices to perform thousands of kinds of tasks.

However, in a quantam computer, bits are replaced by qubits. (Qubit is a contraction of “quantam bit”.) In a qubit, the two distinct physical states, one and zero “have a nexus, a point in space where they overlap“, a point at which the quantam bit can be in state one and state zero at the same time. This ability (some scientists say) gives access to parallel universes. Whether that’s true or not, this is true: quantam computers are one hundred million times faster than a laptop because of this ability.

Geordie Rose: “Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here”
August 25, 2015
A video by Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave, which produced the first and so far only quantam computers. He quotes David Deutsch, who gave his own TED Talk in 2005: “Quantum computation … will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.”

Geordie says, “But science has reached the point now where we can build machines that can exploit those other worlds.”

Geordie points out that a quantam computer can do something (accessing parallel universes) that ordinary computers can never do, because ordinary computers use the physics of this world. Quantam computers use a physics that was only “proven” with great difficulty and can’t be explained by our physics.

Geordie’s description of D-Wave’s quantam computers contains a bone-chilling line: “From the outside they look like giant black monoliths … standing next to one of these machines “feels like an altar to an alien god … The shadows of these parallel worlds overlap with ours, and if we’re smart enough, we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours, to make an effect in our world …” [So he’s talking about stealing.]

During a hiring presentation two years later:

Geordie was asked ( ~12:20 ) why some scientists (e.g. Elon Musk, MIT 2014) think that AI is “summoning the demon“. Geordie replied with a rambling answer which included this statement: “…this weird thing that happens, because the machine is now able to act in its own self-interest, it can take the action to make its own thought process better.” And that makes things better?

Even Geordie Rose admits that while “these things that we’re summoning into the world now are not demons … they’re not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want.”

But don’t worry. Nothing can go wrong. Top men are working on it.

TED Talk, January 31, 2017
Jay Tuck: “Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us”

Tuck’s awesome credentials: US defense expert, combat correspondent, advises international corporations and investment bankers, and MUCH more.

Simple definition of artificial intelligence: It’s “software that writes itself. It writes its own updates … We normally …think of software as stuff that we created, we wrote, and the machines do what we tell them to do, and we own it. This is not any longer true. It writes itself at speeds that we can hardly comprehend, and people who write it know that you can’t take it apart again and figure out what it’s done.” He gives several examples where this is already true: the stock markets, the field of radiology, Argus (a surveillance aircraft), and the Navy’s Pegasus X47B, which is a jet-powered drone capable of 2,000 mile trips into enemy territory carrying 2,000 kilos of explosive. Flies itself in and out, lands itself on an aircraft carrier. And is run by AI. And has camera projection of the sky above onto the bottom of the aircraft so that it is almost 100% invisible from the ground. “Optical stealth”. And the kill decision is integral to the AI resident to the aircraft. The last couple of minutes of Tuck’s talk are a warning that AI will soon become the Skynet of “Terminator”, spread across the internet, using temporary networks that will collapse when AI is through with them. Terminator. Can you believe it?

They’re already into the third or fourth generation of quantam computers at least. Geordie Rose is now running a company called “Kindred”. He said of Kindred, “D-Wave [his quantam computing company] was a warm-up for Kindred … Kindred exists to produce hyper-intelligent AI.”

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”


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