Saturday on the Porch

Well I finally broke out my flannels!  The past few mornings I’ve grabbed one of my flannel shirts to wear over my work shirt to keep from getting cold on my way to work lol. I’m such a wuss but I love the change, subtle as it is, to know that fall is here.

Yeah, the days are still warm, but without the humidity that mid summer brings, even the hot air is feeling fallish.

So what does that all have to do with it being Saturday, and a day to hang out on the porch here? Absolutely nothing!  And that’s what I love about Saturdays on the porch. It’s an anything goes kind of day, time for friends to come by, sit for a spell, tell some tales or just relax with music or whatever’s on your minds.   Chores are on the agenda, but they can be taken care of one bit at a time with some relaxing or fun time in between.

So when you’re in between, drop in, see who’s around and say howdy.  I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day no matter what you’ve got going on.

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