Golden Spotlight

Today’s Spotlight is a special one to honor those who’d rather never be in a spotlight. They are ordinary people in one sense of the word, and yet they’ve got one extraordinary commonality… Their Heroes whom they miss.

Simply put, today’s spotlight honors the Gold Star Families through out our nation’s history, those who’ve given a spouse, parent, a brother, sister or child for freedom.

We all know losses in our lives, some more closely than others, but something about the sacrifice of those who do a job knowing that it could mean giving up their own life  is something most of us will never totally know.

Those who perform their jobs wearing dog tags and combat boots don’t see it as something special- it’s who they are. For many, it’s who they were meant to be; a calling.  But for many of us, we can’t imagine that calling which leaves some to bear more loss and pain; more than anyone should have to bear in a lifetime.

For too many, those who die during war or while on operations around the world are numbers, like the daily tally that used to be on the news. To some, we know a precious few names given in the news, yet we’ll never know the person behind the name. Some may know a precious few- spouse, parent, child, sibling or friend. The grief is great for family members who remember more of the good times, younger days when fun and innocence was still alive.

Many of us here remember everyone deployed every day. Praying for them, thinking of them, wondering how they are and if they’re ok.  But today is a day to remember those who have gotten that call, that visit, knowing that their lives are never going to be the same, and have a huge hole that will never again be filled in this lifetime.

Yes, our troops sacrifice so much for us, but most of all- even peace through much loss, but so does the families who sacrifice right along with them… going through hell, while at home waiting.

Some of you might remember a country song from a few years ago sung by Lee Brice.   “I Drive Your Truck” is a song about a family from Raynham, Massachusetts . Jared Monti, a sergeant for the U.S. Army, was killed in Afghanistan in 2006. He received a Medal of Honor for his service. His father, Paul Monti, still drives his truck.   About the truck Monti sees it as a way to help people (other Gold Star families mostly) deal with their grief.

This past Friday Lawngren and Daisy posted a song that most of us have probably never heard before, but it’s worth posting again,

This tribute was done 5 years ago by Stars and Stripes. I wish we could add all of those who have given the ultimate for freedom since…

Today is Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day.  Please take some time and think about the families who have sacrificed so much.  God Bless Gold Star families, bless friends- and bless our troops and veterans Lord. Please give some peace back to those who have lost it because they were born to fight for it, and please give Families who bear the Gold Star peace beyond all understanding as they miss their Hero every day.

Today it’s an open porch, whether music, or sharing, stories, thoughts or prayers.

Have a blessed Sunday all.

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