We’re Bananas for the Saturday Porch!

What do bananas, foolish choices, forgetting and a desire to share the Gospel have in common?  For someone like Christian Apologist Ray Comfort, it has everything in Common.

I’ve been watching Ray on and off for years, have seen many of Living Waters’ Ministry’s documentaries which are excellent and thought provoking, and I’ve been impressed not only with his style of evangelism, but his absolute love of people- especially those who mock him.

HighontheTide posted a recent video of Ray on the Eric Metaxas show last week which was excellent. If folks didn’t listen to that, I’d highly recommend it.

Sometimes as Christians we use the scripture “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine” as an excuse not to share the Gospel with obstinate unbelievers such as atheists.   Jesus preached often to publicans and sinners, and so should we.

Years ago a few other Christian bloggers and I had a blog that answered questions about God, the Bible, Creation and a whole host of other topics and it was a place totally open, and gave encouragement for discussion from atheists.  I was a part of that for over a year, and it was a great forum. For the most part the folks were polite in their rebuttals and arguments, and many were very friendly as well.  Courtesy was given and received on all sides. Not all were atheist, I’d venture to say more of them were agnostic, but you get the picture.  So, I’d regularly post along with the others in our group, topics for discussions and apologetic articles.  I never had a problem using scripture, nor did unbelievers, even if they didn’t believe.  Until about a year later, a more subtle mocking, then mean spirited and hateful attitude crept in, little by little until it was hostile.  I tried continuing, until finally I felt an oppressive heaviness, even a physical nauseous feeling every time I read or posted.  Finally, I asked a Christian brother, not associated with the site, and asked him about it, if it was the Holy Spirit telling me now to stop.  He went and read some, and then told me that if there was a case about not casting pearls, this was it.

I think it’s up to each individual who needs to be discerning whether to continue on preaching to those who won’t listen, but sometimes it’s best to keep on sharing.

Ray’s experiences over the years is to keep on keeping on, in spite of things.  And, his experiences including bananas, mistakes, foolish choices and a desire to share even with those who mock him have reaped a bountiful harvest.

Of course whenever I look at suggested content from you tube, much of it has to do with things I recently watched, so a lot of Living Waters’ stuff is recommended. It’s been a while since we posted a full feature of something on a Saturday, but I hope no matter what you’ve got going on, you’ll take the time to watch, The Fool.  And keep on going until the end. It’s always so worth it in more ways than one…

It’s an open porch Saturday!  Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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