Saturday Porch Time

YAY! It’s Saturday.  A day when even chores don’t really feel like work (ok, I’m trying to convince myself of that lol) But it’s Saturday!

So, we have a weekend for hopefully some relaxation, but more so for catching up on things that we don’t have time for during the week.  Agenda for me today if I can get motivated early and enough… groceries, laundry, move some stuff around in my room and get a few more boxes emptied and put stuff away (somewhere lol), and since it rained nearly every day here the past 2 weeks and got hot again, I need to get the rest of the garden plot cleared.  That leaves mowing for American Boy, also getting the dishes washed and getting his room cleaned up.

So what’s goin’ on with y’all today?  Whatever you have going on, hopefully you’ll come hang out here once in a while to see who’s around, share some songs, some stories and just enjoy.

I don’t have much for sharing here right now, but maybe later on when I have a break or two I can see if any of you have something you want to share.

Until then, hope y’all have a wonderful Saturday… Today is beautiful!  (Or, for Bam Bam- it’s a beauty day!) 😀

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