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A few weeks ago, Walter sent me an observation and while I haven’t really had time to frame an article around it, it goes along with a couple of other things that have crossed my mind lately.  He said,

As a student of history and the American experiment in particular, I find much in our history that repeats.   Here is a prime example: In the aftermath of the “Boston Massacre”, a Loyalist Boston merchant by the name of Theophilus Lillie in an article would write:

“If one set of private subjects may at any time take upon themselves to punish another set of private subjects just when they please, it’s such a sort of government as I have never heard of before; and according to my poor notion of government, this is one of the principle things which government is designed to prevent.”

As I read and observe the actions of the left, I see much the same thing occurring in their vociferous attacks on conservatives and the Constitution.  The problem is that these attacks denigrate both their haughty message and their obvious denial of Constitutional law.   As a nation of laws, attacks that do nothing to solve the problems we face only exacerbate the very issues that separate us.

The left if unchallenged will continue to abuse not only the citizenry, but our Constitution as well.  It makes me fearful for our Republic and its standards of law.”

Lawngren recently suggested we do some articles on the founding of our country, and the Founding Fathers. Right now, isn’t the time, but I’d like to throw out a few thoughts.

While Walter is spot on in his assessment, I really see some of the behavior displayed by both sides, but I do agree completely that the leftists are the instigators and seem to want to ‘bring it on’.

In our History we’ve had times when people seemed to want to “bring it on” when one considers the actions of King George and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

I had a few paragraphs of a book I never got around to working on which  pertains to freedom.

“While Canada and many western European countries are free democracies, they all have certain socialist and ruling classes, which America never had as a Constitutional Republic. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were what separated America from other nations. The founders recognized that the rights of the people are inalienable, given by God our Creator and not the government and they embedded that truth into the Constitution.

People from all corners of the earth understand that the U.S. Constitution is sacred to Americans because as the longest running Law, it enumerates rights that no one–including the Government–can infringe upon.

To American citizens, “Freedom” and “rights” mean different things than they do to those coming from other countries. Somehow, more and more Americans have grown to believe that Freedom and rights come from government, and that God- granted natural rights are synonymous with civil rights. They are not the same thing. Civil rights are additional rights granted by government. Natural rights are rights granted to all humanity for all time- the right to think, to defend oneself; the right to speak, and the right to worship or not. All of these rights are inherent, inalienable from a source higher than man–and even if one doesn’t believe in God, they can still understand these are natural inalienable rights.

Many people have always believed America is a Christian nation. Anyone who has studied about the early settlers knows that the men and women who came to America’s shores came seeking religious freedom. By reading stories and documents of those first waves of immigrants we know they came to share the Gospel of Christ and settle the land in His Name as stated in the Mayflower Compact which (original language) reads in part, “Haueing vndertaken, for ye glorie of God, and aduancemente of ye christian ^faith and honour of our king & countrie, a voyage to plant ye first colonie in ye Northerne parts of Virginia· doe by these presents solemnly & mutualy in ye presence of God, and one of another…”

Read some time about Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly Isaac Norris and the bell for the tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia back in 1751. The inscription on that bell read, Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof which is from the Old Testament verse, Leviticus 25:10. Historians believe Isaac Norris chose this inscription for the State House bell, possibly to commemorate the 50th anniversary of William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Privileges which granted religious liberties and political self-government to the people of Pennsylvania.

From the earliest days people came to America for freedom, and for the express purpose of spreading the message of Christ. America’s earliest forms of government reflected those beliefs, and were continued by the Black Robed Regiment pastors who trained Minute Men of the Revolution in their church yards. It was included in the foundation by those who formed our Constitutional Republic. Americans have never lived under a theocracy, yet God has always been interwoven in America’s foundation and society.

Back now to what Walter was speaking about, and I can only think of the events which happened a few short years later, leading to the Boston Tea Party and the eventual revocation of the Massachusetts Charter.  The Charter originally gave  power of the local leaders of colonists to govern Massachusetts Bay in every respect and guaranteed that all “shall have and enjoy all liberties and immunities of free and natural subjects … as if they … were born within the realm of England.”  This included religious freedom among other freedoms inherent from God.  The colonists had had enough when the Charter was cancelled, and the Revolution began.

Since the foundation of our country men have tried and failed to remove God and the idea of God given rights and institute a democracy in the form of majority rule. Unfortunately the opposite has as much of a destructive effect, when there comes a minority rule, in the form of a select few bending the narrative and will of the nation.  We see that much today in the democrat party’s social ‘justice’ groups which include the LGBT&Q, Feminists, Anti Christian ACLU & People for the American Way, Antifa and other leftists organizations.  They use and twist  the Constitution for their purpose, using licence while disrespecting and ignoring law and demand rights which infringe on freedom.

And that brings me to something I watched the other night. An older sermon from Adrian Rogers which seemed to tie the spiritual with the worldly changes we’re witnessing. Indeed, that have been witnessed over and over throughout our nation’s history.  As he mentions here, it’s up to the dads (or any of us) to be history teachers to our kids, grand kids and anyone who needs to hear it.  We all know the progressive left loves to rewrite or erase history it doesn’t agree with.

Have a listen though, when you have some time. It really is good, and still timely…

Have a blessed day all.

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