Tuesday Tunes

Tonight’s thread is quick and let’s get right to the music shall we 🙂

I’m just going to post a few songs I heard on the radio today. It was just David & I working and we were busy! He put on the local oldies station…

This one made me think of Daisy,

This one made me think of my sister in law’s husband who passed away 2 years ago because she said he looked like Glenn Campbell when they were young, and that’s why she went out with him lol. He was a good guy.

Not sure who this one reminds me of but I always liked this song since I was a kid…

This one reminded me of Heather because… California lol

I’ll post a few more in comments below, but now I wanna hear what y’all heard today, whether it was on the radio, computer or whatever other way you play your favorites. Have a blessed Tuesday Tunes time!!

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