One of those Days

Mornin’ All!   Happy Tuesday.  This is one of those days when all day is going to be an open porch, with music to top it off for Tuesday tunes tonight.

Usually I try and get things written for the week during the weekend between chores and sometimes trying to relax.  Sometimes ideas come, other times I have to really ponder things for a while.  Other times I happen to find something that jumps out at me. Like for today.

I try not to post too long of videos here because I know folks for the most part are too busy to sit for an hour or so, but as usual when I do post something, I hope folks will listen and get as much out of them as I do.

Ravi has a way of catching my attention, whether it’s a Q&A after one of his many talks at a university or some other forum, or whether it’s one of his sermons.  Personally I love hearing him no matter what, but whenever I hear a sermon of his, it reminds me of just how wonderful an evangelist he is, not just a defender of the truth, but a sharer of the truth.  And much like his usual talks, he does it with many stories (many of us have heard them time and time again, but always are amused or touched), but he does it in respect and love as well.

I found this one from about 7 years ago (at least the video is from 2012), and I thought it would be a great addition today because of Heather’s journey through Jonah that she shared with us the past few weeks.  Yes, Ravi is speaking about Jonah but in ways which compliment and add to what Heather’s articles blessed us with, but as usual with Ravi, in ways I never would have thought of.

It’s really worth a listen, and  I hope folks will find lots of nuggets in it as I did.  It’s a few minutes shy of an hour….

I hope everyone has a blessed day, and we’ll see you tonight for music!

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