Tuesday Tunes

Tonight we’re going to do something a little different.  Sometimes someone will post songs by someone I’ve never heard of before, or that I haven’t heard in a long time, so I’ll go to you tube and find more… and let the music carry me for an hour or so.

This has happened a few times for me the past couple of weeks, with Andrew Peterson, whom we featured Sunday in the Spotlight.

I can’t remember how I fell into the rabbit hole listening to Marc Martel, one of the former lead vocalists for the Canadian Christian band Down Here.  I really like that band, and Marc has an amazing voice. For  now the band members have gone on to do their own thing, Marc is touring with the musicians of the Queen Extravaganza… While he does sound incredibly like Freddie Mercury

He has an incredible range in vocals,  as his interview with Wally demonstrates…

I do go down a lot of rabbit holes when I have time to play.  But the last time I found an artist I’d not heard before, and let his music play on was when HighontheTide posted

I have to say I really enjoyed listening to a lot of Foy’s stuff. It was a great evening of smooth…

There have been quite a few great artists and groups I’ve been introduced to over the years from folks here and elsewhere.  But I’d love to hear some of those groups, songs and artists who you could or would listen to for hours.

Happy Tuesday y’all! It’s time for Tunes! Whatever the mood, whatever the song, let’s hear it!

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