Saturday Porch Time

Happy Saturday all. I hope no matter what folks have going on today, if you’re able you can come hang out on the porch for a little while.  Catch up on whatever you feel like, and just come see who’s around.

I have my usual chores and things to do, but will try and pop in every now and then.

I found this last night as I was trying to think of something different to post. It’s Hollywood of course, and the story is a little embellished, but actually it’s pretty good and some of the embellishments… well, we never know exactly how she started out, but Ruth is one of my favorite Bible stories.  This is a decent movie, and for the main parts, Biblically sound.  If folks have time, I’d say it’s a worthy watch- not just for a good story, but a classic as well.

No matter how the details really were, I love the way the Lord works, even through hardship and heartache. We can’t always see His plans in full, but trusting Him that He knows.

I love the story of Ruth because it’s a reminder that He pursues those He chooses, whether for simple blessings or for world changing salvation.


It’s an open porch Saturday, so post whatever’s on your minds, share a story or few, and whatever else you feel like talkin’ about 🙂

Have a blessed day all!

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