God Don’t Make Junk

Sunday afternoon I was doing what I usually do, checking around on the net, while listening to different things on You Tube looking for something different.  I found it 🙂

I remember seeing these guys in a goofy yet sweet Mother’s Day video- called Mom Goggles.  It was funny, but still had a great message about how much Moms do, and that God created us to be able to do what we do.

The ‘skit guys’ are different, but always have great messages. This is the one I happened to watch first (before I remembered the Mom Goggles) and it was excellent. Also an excellent reminder that no matter what we make of ourselves, God doesn’t make junk.

Yes, these guys are definitely different. They use humor, unconventional play acting and hyperbole sometimes to make the points, but their points are definitely spot on. As it is in one more, about God’s Grace…

I hope everyone has a blessed day! See you tonight for music 🙂


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