Open Porch Thursday

Yep. Today is an open porch all day.  Come by and hang out, see what folks are up to, and post whatever you feel like or whatever is on your mind.

I did find a new Ravi video from a couple of days ago when he and Abdu Murray gave a talk on the question Are Spiritual Truths Exclusive?

I’m sharing that here because obviously… it’s Ravi lol, but it’s really good and both he and Abdu give some meaningful insights on the ideas of tolerance in our society today.  However, this is about 2 hours long even by cutting out the introductions. But as usual with these, the time flies and when the end of the Q & A comes, you don’t want them to cut it so short.

So I’m posting 2 versions- for those who love hearing and have some time, I’ll post the longer version (without introductions) There is a little bit of a sound issue between the time that Abdu Murray steps away and Ravi comes on, but it only lasts for a minute…

And here is the Q & A part only, well worth listening to even if you don’t have time right now.  Both will be here, and I highly recommend coming back to listen to the first portion whenever you have some time.

The more I watch and hear of Ravi Zacharias, it just amazes me how genuinely gracious he is and what an incredible gift he’s been given and freely shares out of love for everyone.  No matter the generation, no matter the beliefs or social class, he treats everyone with such dignity (which is the way it ought to be) that is so missing in our world today.  I know God is the One who shakes the heart- He doesn’t tell us to win souls to Him, because He’s the only One who does that. But by Ravi’s life long ministry which has taken him around the world countless times, I can’t even begin to imagine how many seeds he has planted, and how many hearts of believers he has encouraged.  I’m always grateful at how much he encourages me.  I hope he does the same for those who ‘meet’ him when we post him here.

Have a blessed day all!

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