Saturday Porch

Good Saturday mornin’ y’all!  As I write this Friday night, the ‘Mom Cave’ which is the unfinished enclosed garage feels a little cooler than usual, so it may be that the promised cool front is making it’s way into our neck of the woods (yes, woods now, no more swamp).

It promises to be a beauty day here, and I hope it is for everyone wherever you are.  My day will be busy though, church yard sale the boy needs to be at, and I’ll help in ways they need- then chores.  And maybe, just maybe finally some energy if the house is cool, get after that first batch of cookie baking I’ve wanted to do for ages.

Whatever your plans for today,  I hope folks will come set for a while, visit with others and enjoy the porch. I’ll be here when I can, on and off and want to see what folks are up to 🙂

I really don’t have much to share except listened to an interview Thursday and Friday mornings on my way to work with Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey about a new book he’s written that sounds incredible.  It’s called Finding God’s Life for My Will.

You can listen to parts of the interview here.  Scroll down a little ways and click the segments.  He’s got quite a bit of wisdom goin’ on!  Some day I’d like to get the book, it sounds like there’s so much to be learned though it.   Oh, and for those who know the characters, you’ll have to check out his Shrek and Donkey impersonations 🙂

OK folks, have a blessed and Beautiful Day!

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