Saturday Porch

Happy Saturday y’all!   Earlier this week I found a couple of things worth sharing, but for the rest of today, this is a usual open Porch.

First off, this isn’t really “new” news, but it was the first I’d seen of it and I thought it was really cool. It’s actually from last November.  Did you know that Voyager 2 has followed Voyager 1 out of our solar system now? Well, as NASA states, it has come, like Voyager 1, ” to be in a perturbed transitional region just beyond the heliosphere.

What is the heliosphere you might be wondering? I’m glad you asked. (even if you know it already)  It seems that the big bang created (eh, sorry,) it seems that randomness created… oh just get to the point.
There is actually a boundary around our solar system which to my way of thinking sounds as if the solar system is in a cocoon.  Not really, but there is a kind of protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by our Sun, and it seems this boundary keeps about 70 percent of radiation given off by the space between stars which contains cosmic rays, or particles accelerated by exploding stars.

It amazes me considering the fine tuning of our own planet & relation with the moon and Sun, but to think that we’re also protected from space radiation by a gigantic plasma bubble is a wondrous thing to think about.  Makes me wonder what other things God has going on way out there beyond the ‘veil’. hmmmmm.  Read the highlighted link for more- it’s not long and pretty interesting, especially for those who like all things spacey.

Next, we’ve posted a short version of SM Lockridge’s That’s My King here before. SM Lockridge was a pastor and had an amazing way with words to describe the Lord.  He was really a great orator and I’ve enjoyed listening to some of his sermons before.  Some can be quite long, but he’s never boring, that’s for sure.  Well I found this little nugget the other night before I logged off, and have to share it here.  It’s worth listening, and an amazing reminder all the time…

Oh and why not re post That’s My King too. It’s not long, and if you’ve never heard it, It’s only a 3 minute section of the full sermon and absolutely amazing!

Well that’s it from me for today.   Come, spend some time relaxing, sharing and just saying hi to folks.  I hope folks enjoy the day, and hope to see y’all this evening!

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