Saturday Porch

A couple of weeks ago we featured some videos by the Skit Guys.  A few of you seemed to enjoy them, so we found a few more 🙂

This one is hilarious but with a great message about the worth of God’s Word…

This one is really good, and a good reminder. I know I loaded myself with some more baggage earlier this week. For some strange reason, the more tired we get, the more we seem to pile it on…

This one is more of a parable, and well worth sharing!

ok One more… Skippieth lol….

Wow. All goofiness aside, I love the messages that these guys remind us of. They are silly, unconventional and humorous, but the message really hits.

Well, I’ll be out all day. More vans await and it will probably be a few more weekends of work for me, so I’ll just say, I hope everyone has a blessed and beauty Saturday!

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