Saturday Porch Time

Happy Saturday all!  I trust everyone is pleasantly stuffed from food this week and are having a good ‘rest’.  I know I’ve really appreciated having a few days off in a row.  I have a few chores to do today, that I could have spread out over 4 days but didn’t feel like doing that lol. OK I’ll give myself points though for cooking most of Thursday.

Anyway, We don’t have a whole lot for today- I did find this that some folks might find interesting.  It’s also scary to think about all the technological stuff coming on fast.  Time is flying fast enough that I can’t keep up already, so I definitely don’t think I’m ready for all the AI and other technologies that border on Book of Revelation type scenarios that are already in the works. Add to this the stuff lawngren has posted, and other things I’ve been reading; human/computer interactions are going to be the wave of the future except the future is about here. People are skittish enough about microchip implants, I can’t imagine hooking my brain up to a computer. If you wonder what I’m talking about, check out transhumanist movement (there are even some Christian transhumanist organizations).

If you’re tech savvy, or even like me, you’re not, this really is worth a watch…

For the lighter side of things, this is cool. I watched this earlier this week on a narration of two of my favorite authors discussions on fiction and Christianity…

OK One more. This is another take on technology- a little dated, but still worth listening to. Early TED Talk from the 90’s with Billy Graham… As Mr. Graham asks, what does a preacher have to say about technology?  Watch and find out 🙂

Whether you take time to watch one or all, I hope folks will stop by and hang out on the porch sometime during the day.  Have a blessed day all!

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