The Superpower Challenge: Staying Number One

After watching the US again weary itself with interminable war, China and Russia have renewed their efforts to take over the world. At present, Russia is doing this mainly through backing surrogate movements in other nations. But not always through proxies: this article tells the backstory: in Syria, Russia is “testing us every day“, in this case in the field of electronic warfare – on the cheap, with mercenaries in Middle East conflicts. In this case, the electronic warfare was in support of an assault force of about 500 Russian mercenaries and Syrian soldiers. Apparently no one knows how many of each were which, but at least a few of the casualties were Russian mercenaries.

Excerpt: “American military officials repeatedly warned about the growing mass of troops. But Russian military officials said they had no control over the fighters assembling near the river — even though American surveillance equipment monitoring radio transmissions had revealed the ground force was speaking in Russian.”

It was a bad move on the tactical level, as massive US air support contributed to a totally one-sided victory: a couple hundred hostiles killed, zero American casualties. But on the strategic level, for Russia, it was a little bit of information that cost Russia nothing that it valued. On the strategic level, for the US, it provided confirmation (as if it was needed) that Russian Communism still / again has global ambitions. Being translated, this means we have to stay tough enough or die.

China is doing the same thing through their “Belt and Road Initiative”, masked as a benevolent China extending its benevolent influence to protect the interests of weak nations from predatory capitalist nations. But their military is increasingly active. In June 2019, at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore Chinese Minister of National Defense Gen, using soft words and insinuations,made clear that China must go to war, or even a nuclear war, to occupy Taiwan.

This is why the British should never have given up Hong Kong to China. As we have already seen, Chinese promises of “one nation, two systems” are completely worthless. China’s aggression will advance a little at a time until it achieves its goals, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea. And in the global “Belt and Road Initiative” too. Appeasement always encourages aggressors.

Military preparedness alone is not a sufficient response to two-front strategic-level aggression from such formidable opponents. America must also be aggressive with sanctions and economic warfare, such as Trump is waging with China. We must also increase American economic strength to support the military and economic warfare we are now compelled to wage, or be destroyed.

We need our military more than ever. This means we need to support them, equip them, and fund them more than ever. This will include R&D for new weapons systems. If we don’t stay ahead, we will fall behind. The American people will have to get tough-minded enough to deal with the expense, and to face the reality that we may have to go to war with both China and Russia at the same time. We have to be able to win that one, folks.

If we’re not willing to do this, there are only two alternatives. We can wait for whatever fate the aggressors have planned for us, or we can launch the first strike of a global nuclear war and hope we can take out both Russia and China before they destroy America.

Suddenly that 700 billion military budget looks more palatable, doesn’t it? And makes warriors more appreciated, I hope. For myself, I thank you, warriors. I’d prefer dying on my feet to living on my knees, but I’d rather you be capable of such effective deterrence that when any aggressor suggests attacking the US, his buddies jump up and club him to the ground, shouting, “Oh he__ no; we don’t want to do that!”

Love and prayers for the deployed especially our Snake!  We miss you and pray for you.  We’re grateful for MG and Bam being home right now!

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