Saturday Porch

Happy Saturday all!

As I was wondering what to post for today, I happened on this short series about C.S. Lewis. It’s really good, and not too long.Ā  Best of all, it’s in short parts, so folks can, if they’re busy, watch them during breaks šŸ™‚

The first one introduces us to a young CS, not a typical childhood- but one which begins safe and secure, wrapped in a family’s love. Tragedies hurt even the strongest grown ups, but to children they hurt on the inside and sometimes their hurts, fears and insecurities turn them inward to their imaginations. Things we go through, even as children are a part of what builds us.

We develop deep convictions before we even understand what convictions are, and we grow into adulthood with ideas that we know what we know, and nothing needs to change that. Entering into World War 1 and seeing brutality that man can do to fellow man, it’s not hard to understand how he could solidify his idea that God, if He existed, wasn’t all that Christians claimed He is.

And as millions do taking a journey along a road full of questioning reason and logic and God, often has unexpected answers.

The questions, ideas and thoughts we have during our lives, sometimes it makes it hard to understand what things are all about, and in the midst of life it’s hard to know the understanding of what we see at the end of things. Sometimes we have the advantage of hindsight when we see how God moves in others’ lives who have gone before us.

It’s hard not to see how God pursued Lewis throughout his years, and gave him an incredible mind for imagination, fantasy and truth and a way to intertwine these things in writing. And the fact that He used other incredibly gifted minds to show him God.

And like millions, Lewis finds that once someone comes to really know God, your life is never the same.

A Grief Observed… often times brings back the old questions of where is God in all our hurts. The grieving often question much of God, shaking faith, and finding things that we think of as ‘religion’ isn’t all what we think. That even at shaking our fist at God in our deepest pain, is the biggest trust. That we can know as Job did, that our Redeemer lives and in the end, the religious things pass away and we will see Him standing upon the earth.

I know this stuff is a little more than what we usually post on a Saturday, but I guess I had something to say after all.

Whatever you’re up to today, I hope all have a wonderful day. This is an open porch, so post what’s on your mind, or just hang out and relax with friends.

I’ll see y’all later šŸ™‚

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