This week’s Spotlight is all yours. Your favorite artists, your favorite songs- just tell us a little bit about them, and why you enjoy their music, or why a song is your favorite!

I’ll start off with one of mine… hard to choose as I have so many lol.

Everyone pretty much knows Mercy Me is one of my all time favorites from back before I was even a Christian, as I heard I Can Only Imagine on a contemporary radio station going to work one day.

The song has over 71 million views on you tube since 2010. Amazing.  No one gets tired of it.

I love this group because their music is real, I can relate to so much of it,  Bart’s story is incredible and because they have fun,  also act dorky and still sound great 🙂

I absolutely love their latest, Almost Home. If anything gives hope to keep on running the race of life, this song has it…

And of course, I love their Christmas song Joseph’s Lullaby…

OK it’s y’alls turn. I hope folks have a beauty Sunday!!

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