Saturday Porch

Happy Saturday all.  Boy this Christmas flew by along with the rest of the year.  So did this week’s time off lol. sigh.  I hope everyone’s had a wonderful Christmas time.

I don’t have a lot to share today, but I did have one of my favorite retired GB’s post this on my facebook the other night though.  These are cool- musicians around the world collaborating to do cover songs of some classics.  This is the latest one Ben posted for me, and I love it…  Featuring Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson among some very talented musicians….

This one’s been around for about a year, but I know folks will recognize the voice behind the Doobie Brothers, Tom Johnson in the first part 🙂

For fun, here’s one more…  Hint, makes me think of Daisy and Bruce 😀

Well, I sure hope folks enjoy these, and all have a beauty day.  No matter what you’ve got going on, I hope folks will drop in every now and then and hang out a bit.  Share whatever’s on your mind or whatever song you’ve got in your head 🙂

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