A Look Back at 2010-2019


Ah, the 2010s. What a decade – and I mean that in a mostly negative way. I’m probably not the only one who would skip this decade if I had a time machine. LOL

Seriously, though, were there any good things that happened in my life during this time period? Yes! Here are a few:

Gained two nephews;
Explored many areas of British Columbia;
Taught myself to play baritone ukulele;
Came to The Positive Heart Beat;
Was baptized.

CDS – 2018-08-01 – Okanagan Rail Trail

I didn’t see a lot of movies in the 2010s but the film that was the most memorable for me was Inception (2010). The multiple layers of reality in the story made Tron and The Matrix look simple by comparison.

I also didn’t view a lot of TV shows then but I did get some laughs from a few clips from Portlandia, like this one:

Glove and Boots had some funny videos on the Internet in the early part of the decade, including this fake public service announcement:

As for music, most of the artists, songs and albums that I discovered were from the independent scene on the Internet. Browsing through sites like CD Baby and Bandcamp resulted in me finding great music by singer/songwriters like Marian Call from Alaska and Abigail Dowd from North Carolina.

So, what (positive) memories do YOU have of the 2010s? Please post your thoughts, links and videos below.

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