New Year Open with Reminders…

Happy New Year all!!

Today is a mix of an open New Year’s Day on the porch, but we’re also going to continue with the Book of John, with Chapter 17.

Again, for this week, I only put the link in for folks to go read, I won’t post it all here, or do as much of a study.  But what better way to celebrate a brand new year and a brand new decade than a reminder of the prayer that Jesus not only prayed for His disciples, but for those of us who are believers now?!

What better way to spend a few minutes on this first day of 2020, but on words promised by Jesus 2000 years ago, that we share in life with Him- for eternity, with our Father who loves us so much that He gave His only Son.   We have His Word that we belong to Him (v 8) and that He gives us Joy and love (v 14 even as the world may hate us).   We can be assured also that we share His glory, we already have it (v 22).

While these are promises of blessings, there are instructions that Jesus imparts even in His prayer to our Father.  To love one another, to be united in our faith and fellowship, and to encourage and strengthen each other- witnessing and being witnessed by unbelievers, showing and speaking the same love in truth that Jesus showed and speaks.

As we look at the fresh new year, it can only be, at least for me to focus on what unifies us in Christ, and keep myself from things which loves to divide us.  Of being a better and faithful witness in my actions, words and behavior, and a better servant in helping and encouraging others, and especially those who need Him.

Daisy and I hope and pray for a blessed and wonderful new year for all our HB family and friends!  It’s an open porch- Have a beautiful…

!!! 🙂


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