Due to time restraints and updated stuff, we’re reposting our spot light from August 2018 on Jeremy Camp. His movie based on his autobiography is due in theaters March 20. That’s not too far away. It looks amazing.

It stars KJ Apa as Jeremy, Britt Robertson as Melissa, Gary Sinise (awesome!) as Jeremy’s Dad, and this surprised me in a good way, Shania Twain as his mom. Directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin.

Love the song of the same title, for so many reasons, it’s one of my favorites of Jeremy’s songs.

Jeremy Camp is one of those artists whom I’m still discovering his music, and I don’t know nearly all of his songs. But those that I do know, like others I’ve highlighted in past Spotlights, just speaks so much of what I identify with.

Everything I’ve seen of him, his faith speaks loud, not just in his words, although his testimony and song lyrics are strong in his faith- but his personal life is one in which has seen the God of Scripture in person and out loud as he has struggled through heart break & loss.

Raised as a preacher’s kid, he had the foundation already. But even being a child growing up in the church, it doesn’t prove anything until one takes that faith of his parents and make it his own.  Jeremy did that at a young age when he was ordained as a minister.  At the time, he began sharing his faith through songs which were testimonies of his own painful experiences.   As a young groom of a few short months, he lost his first wife Melissa to cancer.  The song Walk by Faith was written on their honeymoon in October, 2000…

In 2008, Jeremy released songs that talked about his faith more- Speaking Louder Than Before, No Matter What it Takes and There Will be a Day.

The song He Knows, from his 10th studio album I Will Follow in 2015, was inspired by fans who asked him questions on how he dealt with losing his first wife to cancer, following the release of his autobiography, “I Still Believe”. He then used those questions to help him write the song.  Jeremy explains how one day it just hit him: “God understands. He knows. He completely understands our pain and our hurt … He was betrayed by one of His friends, one of His followers… I think the best place to go when we’re saying, ‘No one understands my pain, no one understands my hurt’ is [to] – Christ.”

Jeremy who lives in Tennessee with his wife and three kids still writes music as he always has, to address and testify about whatever season he is in, and how God is present in every circumstance.  You can read more about him and his music here.

Speaking about his album, The Answer, released in 2017, Jeremy says, “I can tell you that when you look at God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation, when you see the names of Jesus, which are all throughout the Bible, it says that He’s our refuge, He’s our comfort, He’s our shelter, He’s the Alpha, He’s the Omega, the beginning and the end. He’s the way, the truth, and the life. And, when you look at that, you’re saying, ‘Ok. Whatever you need, I’ll encourage you … He is, He’s everything you need, He is the answer.’”

While upbeat and happy songs have a place in our faith walk and daily lives to lift our spirits, often times I find for myself, I need ‘real’ songs that reflect our lives, which are more often made of messes and hurts.  Not to dwell in them, but to remind us Who God is, and that He heals by molding us through all of it, and that He can and does make something beautiful out of the most heart hurting scarred lives and find He really is the Answer…

I guess that’s why I appreciate so many of Jeremy’s songs and hope even with the hard stuff, folks can appreciate and enjoy the messages too.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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