Have you ever found that most shortcuts end up taking longer than if you had have traveled the longer way?  Although sometimes short cuts can lead one to unexpected and pleasant surprises, most of the time, for road trips, they are annoying, long and frustrating.   It happens too that taking shortcuts on projects or work can end up costing a client, more money, and producing frustration and anger.

Biblically, we can see what ‘shortcuts’ have ramifications not only for those who tried, but for generations since.  Abraham and Sarah were promised a child, but when it didn’t happen in their timing, Sarah suggested Abraham take her servant Hagar.  So, like any man, he was red blooded and did what his wife told him 😉

Not only did it cause Sarah sadness seeing her man with her servant, and the baby they had, but even after Sarah gave birth to Issac, it caused jealousy to the point of sending Abraham’s first son away with Hagar.  That had to hurt Abraham some.  Issac was the child of promise, but Ishmael was a part of Abraham.  Yet the world since has seen the conflict between the decedents of Ishmael and Issac ever since.

Short cuts are sometimes attractive, face it, it seems to save time, gives us what we want when we want it, and gives us a supposed easier way to get things done.

There is one who never took shortcuts though. Jesus had plenty of opportunities to, even only during His time of testing in the wilderness when Satan tempted Him. Think about the fact that not only did the enemy tempt Jesus with something Jesus already has, although God has given Satan temporary leave of it all, but Jesus also said no (in so many words- answering each with Scripture).  Jesus displayed absolute selfless delayed gratification so He could carry out His perfect will, and plan at the cross, so not only will He reign and rule as King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s over all that Satan tempted Him with, but so will we be in that perfect Kingdom.

It’s so easy, especially in our instant everything world to be tempted to take shortcuts out of convenience or cutting time, but like everything, it never works out for the best when all we have in mind is our own self gratification and purpose.

Whether in our relationship with the Lord, reading His Word, things at work, when we travel, or life in general… things worth doing and having take time, and effort, and shortcuts and instant fixes don’t help.

No, the term Good things come to those who wait is not in the Bible,  but the lessons of it are. The lessons we can learn from Jesus on this too, are worth learning and practicing.

Have a blessed day all!

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