Saturday on the Porch

Howdy and Happy Saturday all!  I have plenty to do today and it sure is nice having the time to do it…

Today we have this excellent Ravi nugget Daisy shared with me couple of days ago. It’s one of the latest, pure classic Ravi, and not very long. Half hour!  I won’t bother trying to explain it or give a summary…  you’ll have to watch it for yourself as he goes into a couple of things as he teaches from Haggai.

As I finished listening to that one, this one came on auto play right after. It’s a year old, but really good too. (and still only about a half hour long).

Whatever y’all are  up to today, I hope you have a beauty day!

I Hope folks will stop in every now and then, put your feet up and hang out for a little while.

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