Saturday on the Porch

Good Saturday mornin’ all.  Welcome to the open porch.  While I have usual weekend chores and running around to do, hopefully folks will get a chance between whatever they have going on to hang out here for a while. Kick up your feet, share some stories, tell a tale or two, post music on your mind and just relax.

I found a couple of classic Ravi’s for today, had to dig into the way back machine, but both are excellent as usual, with some familiar stories, but always with a meaning behind them.

This one is a few years old from 2017 but he shares some really interesting points in this one on redefining words and how that effects society and morality, and also the importance of time (reminds me of our article on shortcuts) and humility.

This one is a little older from 2012 but has some great nuggets of wisdom in it,

Whatever y’all have going on today, I hope everyone has a blessed and beauty Saturday!

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