A couple of weeks ago Puddintain posted a movie suggestion, and I wasn’t able to watch it until Friday night.

I love watching or reading things that make me stop and think, ponder, meditate… wonder.  The movie, the Young Messiah is one of those kinds of stories that really makes me think.

Since there is no real evidence in the bible or history books of Jesus’s life as a child, except for a few snippets such as his birth, ‘exile’ to Egypt and the time He stayed behind at the Temple which caused Mary and Joseph to have to go search for Him, we really don’t consider much what His life was like before He was baptized and tempted by Satan in the wilderness.

The movie is a movie, and based on speculation, a few parts are not really right biblically speaking, but on a whole, this movie is worth watching for a few different reasons.  One, it gives us insight on what it was like to live in ‘Palestine’ under Roman authority, and under Herod.  A brutal time to be a Jew, but more so, a brutal time to be a little Jewish boy.

It makes one wonder how much Jesus was aware of when He was a little boy, and the confusion or so many questions He must have had.  Did He know He was born to die for the world?  Did He know that He was the Lamb, perfect and spotless, to give salvation for all who believe on Him?  What about Mary and Joseph? How it must have been so hard to have the awesome responsibility of raising the only begotten Son of the Most High God?  Simple things like sickness, horrific things like murder, sin and death- how to shield, protect and care, being afraid yet trusting God who you know is in control?

So many things to think about while watching this movie. It’s a good one, and I hope folks will take time to watch if they haven’t seen it yet.

This is our spotlight for today, the Young Messiah

I hope folks enjoy, and have a beautiful and blessed Sunday all!

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