Saturday on the Porch

Howdy all and Happy Saturday!  It’s a beauty day here, I hope it is wherever y’all are.

I’ve found a couple of things for today, starting off with some Ravi 🙂 This one is a couple of years old, but has a couple of great themes running through it.  Raised to run, but look up!
I hope folks will make some time to watch- it’s not too long, only 45 minutes.

Speaking of looking up,  Here’s an interesting story I heard on the radio this week.  It concerns this painting by Filippino Lippi and an art critic…
The story is told of a distinguished art critic who was studying a beautiful painting by Italian Renaissance master Filippino Lippi. He stood in London’s National Gallery gazing at the fifteenth century depiction of Mary holding the infant Jesus on her lap, with saints Dominic and Jerome kneeling nearby, but the painting bothered him. There was no doubt that Lippi’s masterful brush strokes and his use of color or composition was incredible, but the proportions of the picture were slightly wrong and the perspective was off. The hills in the background seemed exaggerated and the two saints kneeling looked awkward and uncomfortable.

It suddenly dawned on him that it was his perspective that was off. The painting he was analyzing had never been intended to be viewed in an art gallery. Lippi’s painting had been commissioned as an altarpiece, intended to hang in a place of prayer.

And so, the critic dropped to his knees before the painting, and suddenly he saw what generations of art critics had missed. From his newfound position of humility, he found himself gazing up at a perfectly proportioned piece. The foreground had moved naturally to the background, while the saints and Mary seemed settled—their awkwardness, was now turned to peace and grace.

It was not the perspective of the painting that had been wrong all these years—it was the perspective of the people looking at it.

This critic on bended knee had found a beauty that other art critics could not.

Sometimes when we need a new perspective, to see something as it ought to be, we need to get down on our knees and look up!


It’s a wide open Porch! I hope everyone has a beauty day, and finds time throughout the day to spend here among friends, posting whatever touches your heartbeat!

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