Folks who’ve been here at the porch over the past few years know how much I love Ravi Zacharias, and I know a few others love him too. When I first learned about him, and read his book Jesus Among Other Gods, I was hooked.  The subject and practice of Christian apologetics was fascinating to me, and has been a huge part of my worldview ever since.

Daisy and I were talking recently about how he uses big words that often times we have to look up what they mean, but unlike so many people who love to show their intellect, Ravi uses words for a reason.  Over the years I’ve grown to love Ravi not only as an apologist for the faith, but for his evangelism, wisdom, love and respect- no matter his audience, he is so incredibly respectful in his answers and manners.

Over the years I’ve read a lot and listened to a ton to his videos, articles and books.  It’s hard to find any ‘favorite’ because they are all so good for so many reasons, and the golden wisdom nuggets found is always abundant.

Daisy passed one along to me the other day, and while I’ve listened to quite a few of his videos the past few days, I’m really hoping I’ve picked the right one that she recently shared lol.  This one is only a couple of years old, not too long but very much Ravi and so worth watching…

This next one is one we’ve posted before- but re listening to it recently, I can’t help but think it’s just as relevant today  as it was when he spoke a few years ago.  I know not everyone enjoys or wants to listen to the same things as all of our interests are different, but I really hope folks will listen to these. Both are so good, so relevant to our world and full of things we can apply to our own lives.

It’s a different kind of spotlight today, but as with them all, it’s an open porch to share whatever your favorite Christian music or sermons and stories are on your heart.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!!

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