Saturday on the Porch

Happy Saturday!  As you all know, today’s open porch is all about food.   What’s your favorite dinners, diners, and dishes.

For folks who have no time, a crock pot is a good friend- got any crock recipes to share? I love bread- home baked.

I used to love making my own bread (not with a bread maker- the old fashioned way!), scones, biscuits, pizza dough, yeast rolls… but rising takes time, so I don’t get to do that very much if any anymore. But Daisy passed along a yummy looking recipe to me the other day, and she said its easy, delish and cheap- three of my favorite words when it comes to food!  But like the chicken tenders recipe Walter shared last night, I’ll have to wait to try this when I don’t have many chores & errands to do on a weekend.

One of these days if I ever get something other than dirt growing in my garden, I can’t wait to make home made salsa again- it goes yummy on EVERYTHING!  Hot dogs, burgers, baked potatoes, crackers, sammiches…. and it’s good for you! Can’t beat that either.

Anyway, y’all talking about food is making me hungry again. I should have been a hobbit.

Are ya ready for some foodball?!

OK watching this before bed, not being able to make any of them was pure agony… ohhhhh insert Homer Simpson drool noise now….

Go ahead- find some more and share them with us 😀

Have a wonderful and beauty day all!  Meet y’all hopefully throughout the day as we stop by and see who’s here.  🙂

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