Sunday on the Porch?!

I know!  It’s weird!  It’s odd, and it’s not quite right.  We’ve been doing spotlights on Sundays forever it seems.

But today being a form of national holiday of sorts with the Superbowl, I figured to forego the spotlight theme just for today since, well folks are probably too distracted to watch or read much here.

So, today- let’s just keep the porch open and see what y’all bring on.

Whether or not you like football, or the food that comes with it, I hope folks will come by throughout the day to say hey and see what’s going on with everyone.  Oh, and maybe folks can post their favorite past superbowl commercials 🙂

OK I know this isn’t a past one, but come ON! It’s Sam Elliot!!! ……sigh…….

I hope everyone has a blessed day and a beauty Sunday!

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