Tuesday Tunes

Sometimes time gets away from, slips by or completely escapes me.  It seems like these days there’s never enough of it, and even when I find myself with some, there are so many things that I can’t get enough of it still.

As I sit here rushing to get our music post up after forgetting to post something before I left for work this morning I need to take time to apologize.  Daisy usually posts them every day and for that, I’m supremely grateful, but she had an important errand this morning and I should have remembered to post before I left- so I do apologize for leaving folks hanging today.

I guess I have time on my mind tonight…

I seem to have gotten stuck…

As it really does…

Just because time escapes me yet still occupies my brain, it doesn’t mean it occupies yours. This is Tuesday Tunes! You know the drill, share whatever is occupying your brain and enjoy the evening!

Happy Tuesday all!

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