Bible Study

Even though Puddintain has been posting the movie chapters along with the studies we’ve done on the Gospels, I’d like to post the whole movie of the Gospel of John. It’s really good, and my favorite Gospel movie. The acting is great in this one, and I really like the guy who portrays Jesus.

Since we’ve come to the end of the gospels, I know common sense would have us continue into the Book of Acts next. But I don’t know if that’s where we want to start into or not right now.   As for Romans, that is such an amazing book- but I don’t think I could do it justice.  That is a book I’ve heard actual theologians take years of weekly study to get through and still only cover portions of each chapter.

I guess the question I have for our folks here, is what book would you like to have featured for our next study? Either old or new Testament is fine with me- I have a couple of books from the old I wouldn’t mind digging into.  But I sure would love to hear others’ thoughts and suggestions first.

So consider today’s an open study porch, and think of whatever books you find yourselves thinking about or wanting to know more of and let us know.

I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful Wednesday!

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