Saturday on the Porch

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone woke to a beautiful mornin’.  I don’t have a whole lot slated for here today.  But that’s the beauty of an open porch 🙂  Folks can post whatever’s on their minds, hang out, or visit between Saturday activities, chores or errands.

I did find a brand spankin’ new Ravi though, posted a few days ago. This is a great one too. A little less than an hour, and he ranges in topic, but settles mostly on following your calling. I thought I knew my calling a few times, but never seems to be that specific called by God, God given purpose.  But I guess until I find it, I’ll do the things that I’ve got going on now the best I can. Work, chores, and the Porch.  I am grateful and blessed by this Porch, and I hope others are too.

Speaking of errands and chores and work,  I’ll be out most of this chore day- helping at church for the youth group yard sale and then running errands this afternoon. I hope whatever the day has in store for y’all, you find some time to hang out and relax among the Porch family.

Have a blessed day all!

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