Saturday Heartbits and Porch Time

One phrase I hear a lot these days, especially when it comes to the social justice/social gospel crowds is “speaking truth to power”.   There is something to that as long as truth means truth, and not something relative.  Biblical truth is Truth that we can depend on. Straight up Truth.  The Word is spoken for  and means the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and for all time, and also all people.

Even now in our days of ‘relativity’- unfortunately even in the church, you can still find real truth in Bible believing and teaching from pulpits all across the globe, and hear messages which speaks truth not only to power, but also to life.

A couple of weeks ago I heard such a message- mind you there’s nothing real slap upside  the head amazing about it. Pastor Mark from New Hope isn’t an excitable guy (not often anyway) and there’s nothing flashy or ‘big’ about his sermons, but he is an excellent,  bible teaching, preaching kind of guy who speaks truth.  As I said, I heard a new sermon a couple of weeks ago, and it is so worth sharing here.  I’ve had the message on my mind for the past 2 weeks.

As a former splindly, weak and useless growing stem of wheat resembling a tare, I can totally resonate with this message- the hope in it, but also the absolute truth of where I’d be if it weren’t for the patience and love of our Creator.   On one of the various you tube teaching sites I go to, the pastor mentioned that he thought Jesus was going to come in the 1980’s. Thinking of where I was, what I was doing and who I was then, now, I am so incredibly grateful He didn’t come back then.  And it makes me rethink my thoughts when I hope a little too much (if that’s possible) for Him to come now. It ought to be the hope, but also the sowing of all believers that no one be left behind when He does come.

He will come again, and it seems like soon, but He still tarries. Why? The fact is, people wonder why there is so much evil in the world- it’s because God is Patient! He tarries because of His Patience. And while we despise evil, and look forward to His coming again, we need to always be so grateful of His patience.

Anyway, this really is a great bit of teaching. I hope folks will find a half hour sometime today to have a listen…

For the rest of the time on the porch today, I thought I’d throw out a neat little thing…

This is one of the best little towns in the south. After still trying to restore much of the beautiful historic district from hurricanes,  I hope HGTV comes to help out!

Well that’s it from this side of the porch. Now it’s y’alls turn. Hang out when you can, put your feet up (as I’m hoping to for the first time in ages) visit and post whatever’s on your heart to post!

Whatever you’re doing, I hope y’all have a blessed and beautiful Saturday!

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