Although this is a post for everyone, Suffer wanted to get a special WOTT up while Snake is home- so this is for our favorite Reptile 🙂

Howdy, y’all. Been a long time since I’ve written one of these, so please excuse me if I’m a bit rusty. Add in that I’m doing this on a deadline, and the pressure is overwhelming. I am currently scarfing down Double Stuffs to deal with said pressure, so here goes.

I will be doing some groups of foods, which are necessary for our good health and survival, with added links to some cool and often odd stories/articles.

First up: Bacon! (Duckie, control yourself)

Satisfy All Your Cravings At This Scrumptious Bacon-Themed Cafe In Massachusetts

A Bacon-Themed Restaurant In South Carolina, Bacon Bros. Is Deliciously Dreamy


Next up…..chocolate! CHOCOLATE! (yes, Lawngren….chocolate, and a possible career change?)


Cadbury Is Hiring A Chocolate Taster


Next up…..some fast food joints things of interest!?!

In-N-Out Burger Releases ‘Drink Cup Shoes’ Inspired by Logo

Wendy’s launching new breakfast options in March, announces news by trying to troll McDonald’s

Papa John’s Is Debuting 4 Italian-Style Sandwiches to Go With Your Pizza

Dunkin’ Has A Limited-Edition Donut Topped With Frank’s RedHot


And now something near and dear to Snake and myself — coffee.

I love visiting this city, and now I have a new destination.

A New Den for The Coffee Fox in Savannah, Georgia

I guess whatever works…..

Williston High School uses espresso machine to boost milk consumption

Too bad London is on my undesirable list.

The Tate Museum In London Is Hiring A “Head Of Coffee” That Will Make More Than $50K A Year

This is cool….er, maybe hot?

Uncle Leroy’s Coffee In Alaska Got Their Start On A Charming Blue School Bus


And in honor of Heather, and those not previously mentioned, a few odds and ends. 😆

This Mac & Cheese Sampler Platter Has 8 Different FlavorsMac attack!

Easiest Baked Taquitos

Buckeye Cookies

And since I always like to find that one story that makes you shake your head and do a face palm, I give to you this…..🤦‍♂️

A Woman Was Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Of Vanilla Extract

Well, that’s it for now. Hope your day has been a glorious one, and I hope you enjoy these stories.


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