Military Jambalaya!

Sorry, Sufferfortribe, this is not a food post.  😀

A little bit of everything today, just like Louisiana’s famous Jambalaya! Hopefully interesting, helpful, and fun, as well as offering respect to America’s military.

“What we owe U.S. veterans who fought in Afghanistan” from “America: the Jesuit Review

Honoring the fallen: funeral detail in the Army:

Sometimes little things can make a significant difference: “NCO wields paintbrush to improve morale and focus” – ” ‘The old detachment sergeant knew that I was a self-taught artist and told the commander,’ Cavazos said. ‘After that, I was asked if I would be willing to take on the task … I look at my artwork as a unique way that I can leave footprints for future generations of Soldiers to see.’ ” And he is really an artist, not just a scribbler.

The Battle of Bayonet Hill, Korean War: The Battle of Bayonet Hill was the last major bayonet charge in American history…” It took place on February 5th, 1951 in Korea. I wonder what the Chinese and North Korean troops thought … There is a more complete biography of the crazy mustang officer who led that charge here.  and for once Wikipedia does NOT say “this story needs more corroboration”. Probably because most of it is corroborated in official US Army records. If you don’t know, a “mustang officer” is one who rose through the ranks of enlisted men to become an officer. No Officer Candidate School, just battlefield experience. Colonel Millett’s full-spectrum battlefield experience extended from World War Two into Vietnam!

The story that gave birth to this story should make us proud (again!) of America’s military.

Hurrah for the USO and its donors!

Every soldier will applaud these women who worked amazingly hard to get mail to US military members in England during WW2. A “mundane” task, not combat, but very important to warriors far from home in “the Last Crusade”, and to their families at home.

What does an Army Public Affairs Officer do? You can read the Army’s official description here.

This particular PAO must have been really good at his job, because ” ‘My Soldiers went and pleaded with my wife to let me deploy with them back to Iraq,’ Brown said. ‘My wife, being the amazing military spouse she is, understood the situation and agreed to let me go back.’ “

“Less than a month after graduating Advanced Individual Training, Brown deployed on a six-month rotation to Kosovo … ” Yippee ki yay. Skip the frying pan. Just jump right into the fire! He seems to have been more “involved” than I pictured a Public Affairs Officer being: “Jumping out of airplanes and being a high-speed Soldier and NCO has a price to pay on the body. Numerous injuries and eight different surgeries plagued Brown and urged him to bring his career to an end in September of 2019.”

Cooks are important to warfare too. Thank you to these women soldiers who are about to start feeding hungry (is there any other kind?) soldiers.


One of America’s finest recently remarked that he didn’t want to “double dip” on benefits. AFAIC, for America’s warriors, there is no such thing. If any of these programs listed below are available, warriors, by all means take advantage of them and feel no guilt! The links below are things that most of your fellow Americans could never do as individuals for you, but it appears that at least some of the military budget is being well spent.

Comments from those who have knowledge of the programs listed below are welcome and requested!

Soldiers on the greenYou don’t know what they did last week, yesterday, or where they’re going next week. So, we want some place where they can come out and not worry about what’s happening in the world and have a good time. Just what golf is meant to be.”

A true vacation resort opportunity for veterans: “Veterans who are Purple Heart recipients, veterans who are former POWs, all veterans with VA-documented service-connected disability ratings, and individuals assessed, approved, and designated as the Primary Family Caregivers of eligible veterans under the VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers are eligible Shades of Green Resort users …”

At this page Shades of Green expands the offer: “Through the Shades of Green ‘Salute to Our Veterans’ program, all military veterans who have received an honorable discharge have an opportunity to vacation at Shades of Green during January and September. Reservations are subject to availability.”

Hunting something that doesn’t shoot back In 2019, the West Point Hunting Reservation began an experimental restricted season under which no yearling bucks could be taken. Not a benefit program for veterans, but it appears that active duty military personnel and those connected with West Point took almost all the deer harvested, which confirms what the late Colonel Jeff Cooper said – a good qualification for a soldier is to have successfully hunted big game:
• Who got deer-Of all 94 successful deer harvests, the following reflected the by hunter harvest:
1.) Active duty military account for roughly one-third (32, 34.0%).
2.) West Point civilians (20, 21%).
3.) Retirees (both military/civilian retirees, 18, 19.1%).
4.) Guest hunters took nine deer (9.5%).
5.) Dependents took six deer (6.4%).
6.) General public hunters took five deer (5.3%).
7.) Cadets took three deer (3.2%).

I don’t know how helpful this program is for active duty Army National Guard is, but it sounds very good: “The Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) program is a quality-of-life program that directly supports readiness by providing a variety of community, Soldier, and Family support activities and services. MWR offers worldwide support through a comprehensive network of programs and services at each installation, from Family, Child and youth programs to recreation, sports, entertainment, travel and leisure activities. The mission of MWR is to serve the needs, interests, and responsibilities of all people in the Army communitySoldiers, their Families, civilian employees, military retirees, and other eligible participantsfor as long as they are associated with the Army, no matter where they are located.”

Hurrah for the USO! And, LOL, the supervisor’s last name is Beers! No kidding!

“… [this] USO will help provide new opportunities for a wider audience on base, as the organization caters to all active duty, Reserve and Guard service members and their families.” Even though it’s on Quantico. That ought to be interesting, from any point of view. I can’t wait to hear the comments on that, har har har!

Feature by Illustration by Sgt. 1st Class David Geig from US ARMY Ausgust 7, 2012

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