Sunday Open Porch

Good Sunday Mornin’!  I hope everyone woke up to a beauty day.  I don’t have a whole lot on the porch for today, but I did find a little humor to share.

Back during the 2016 primaries and election, I attempted to unsubscribe to all political, religious based and pretty much most sites I’d gone to for numerous years. I just got so sick of everything- especially the amount of e mails asking for donations to this, that and every other organization out there.  Dire needs of “friends” like me who can change the course of things. meh.  Phone calls were even better, especially since I’d tell them, I’m sorry, I have no way I can donate anything right now, but thanks for all you do. “Oh, but even if you can give a small gift of 100 or even 50 dollars, you can make an impact!”  I’m sorry, what part of I have no money didn’t you understand?  “I understand, and that’s why we will even accept gifts of 20 dollars. It is that important. “I have no money. I’m a widow raising a teen on one income. I have no money. Would you consider even 10…”  NO.

Good grief. SO back to my e mail spam.  Unfortunately they don’t take unsubscribing either. In fact, I think just out of spite, they sell those who unsubscribe to other organizations and every internet “news” rag out there. I think I have about 50 more orgs that pester me on a daily basis now than the original ones who still pester me daily.

I like the way James Veitch handles it…. if I had the time and know how… I could be a force to  recon with mwahahahahahaa…..

Well that was fun.

Anyway, it’s an open porch Sunday. No matter what you’re doing (hopefully going to church!) or how much you have going on today, I sure hope folks will find something fun and encouraging to share with us today.  🙂

Have a beautiful day all!

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