Saturday Porch Time

I think I had to add the southern porch this morning, since a lot of us have had winter or cold blasts still lately.  I know Florida weather this time of year is always crazy- I saw a  meme that was pretty close to truth…
Yep. high 80s one day, then humid, then wind and some rain if we’re lucky, and down to the 30s over night with high’s in the 50s. Then it warms up to mid 70s 2 days later, and back to almost summer before here we go again.

I’m not complaining, except this is great for colds. sigh.

But we should be warming up again in a day or so. Today I have too many things to do to notice the temperature, except for a few work related things I need to get done that I didn’t get done Wednesday. Long story there, which I’ll avoid describing other than 2 words. Two Stooges.

OK well American Boy and I didn’t get all physically outrageous, but man, 2 of us and…  stooges. Just one of those days, and hopefully today won’t be a repeat lol.

As you can probably tell, I have absolutely nothing for the porch today.  As usual, chores and I’ll be in and out all day, but I’ll try and check in to see who’s around. I hope everyone else does the same no matter what y’all got going on this beauty Saturday!

Have a blessed one all! Enjoy the open porch!

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