Saturday on the Porch

Not a whole lot to write about today, so I thought I’d post a couple of pictures from our church’s Classic Car Show last night.  I’m not sure how many years our church has done these shows but I know it was one of the draws for American Boy when we first came here lol. But they are cool, and any money raised is for our youth groups.

It always draws a good crowd, even now with everything going on, it was good to see folks out there (in beauty weather!) enjoying themselves and the cars…

This was the first beauty I noticed.  Mint 1955 Studebaker.  I don’t know if you click on it you can see much of the details. I didn’t know what setting my phone camera was on- it was so bright out I couldn’t even look at the photos after I took them. But it had a mini studebaker toy car under the hood lol, and a food tray set up in the passenger side window, from an old drive in.
One of our friends Phil, who also used to work at the sign shop with us, did the music- makes sense since he’s a professional DJ, but he had the place hoppin’ with the perfect music from the 50s 🙂

So, continuing on, this (dang I can’t remember what it was) but impeccable and amazing paint job on it. Beautiful inside and out…
Next up… oh my!  There she is! 1966…. sigh…..
Saw another later that came in, 1965, mint condition special interior soft top. Loved it, seats had the mustangs embossed in the leather.  The guy had the original factory sticker on it too- sold for 3500.00 bucks back in the day when it was brand new.  Wish I could have gotten a closer shot- but when I saw it, I got so excited I forgot to get one lol.
Dang pixels are off. :/

Anyway, there were a lot of nice vehicles there and a lot of great folks…

I hope any car buffs like these.  As for whatever else folks like- it’s Saturday! Post what you feel like sharing, and hope folks have a beautiful day!

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